"Get your little ass back to the penitentiary, motherfucker. You know what you did last time you was here."

I’ve collected some random rants here about things that I either dislike or that just confuse the hell out of me. This does not mean I would not have a good time here. I actually don’t have a strong opinion about this stuff at all. However, writing interesting entries about sunshine and happiness would require […]

Viva la motivation! Yesterday I began climbing towards the higher echelons of Japanese erudition. Although I haven’t really studied all the subjects in my current speaking class beforehand, they somehow felt simple enough to be easily learned independently. Thus, after scoring a surprising perfect score on the review test (which only allowed me to stay […]

Funky town It might be just an illusion, but Hirakata as a whole feels really safe to walk around. To cherish the feeling, I decided to go jogging last night. Yes, me. In a foreign environment. In the dark. With my non-existent sense of direction. And I had no particular reason to do it, either. […]

Nothing too interesting happened today so I’ll just rant a bit. As yesterday evening, some students had gathered to the nearby park to enjoy the warm evening chatting and having a few beers. Only this time, when I arrived around 9 pm, I noticed a suspicious figure watching the student gathering from a distance. However, […]

I wasn’t supposed to write anything before the journey starts but this was such a great ranting opportunity that I couldn’t let it pass. Last Saturday my brother and I decided to hit the closest IKEA to buy ourselves some bookshelves. Now the premise is bizarre to say the least because, first of all, we […]