"Get your little ass back to the penitentiary, motherfucker. You know what you did last time you was here."

Sick during midterms After around 11 months of being able to avoid getting sick, a flu snuck up on me at the best possible time, during the midterm exams. It’s not like I would want to miss classes, especially Japanese classes, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. However, even with lost voice and a slight fever there […]

Dilemma: not writing about interesting things right at the end of the same day they happen creates a vicious circle that prevents me from posting new entries that I’ve finished writing because I have yet to publish older ones that I could not care less about at this point in time. I am now neck […]

Roaming Sheep Most of the other people we had done the journey with had already left the premises or stayed at the hostel to sleep so, as I had planned, I was able to drift around Tokyo alone. I had very specific plans for the few hours I had left to waste in the western […]

Filed Under Newspost Allright, allright, I’m fucking late with these entries and they’re still not even close to looking the way I’d like them to look, but in order to move on with my life and be able to write on more recent topics I’ll publish all the rest of the Tokyo bullshit as soon […]

Oretachi mo ikou! Our Tokyo team consisted of two factions: The people who had bought tickets early on and chosen the slower and less comfortable although significantly cheaper night bus ride (Ashley, Erica, Eric, Mike, Pat and Christian) and the Finno-German alliance, Lasse, Henrik and me. We had bought Puratto Kodama Plan tickets on the […]

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