"Get your little ass back to the penitentiary, motherfucker. You know what you did last time you was here."

The 4th

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4th day, early morning. My other roommate, Henrik, informs me that the wired connection for unregistered laptops is supposed to work without signing any extra papers until the 16th of September. That is good news. I proceed to spend the following hour writing the blog entry for Saturday. Have you noticed the growing inconsistency in […]

We had to vacate the hotel by 10 am on Saturday morning so it was time for an early wake up once again. When I got to the reception to return my keys Visa was already sitting in front of the computer near the entrance. It was raining outside, but with the stagnant weather in […]

I woke up early in the morning after a nifty 13 hours of sleep to an emerging feeling of thirst. I’ve watched enough Sprite commercials to know what to do in those situations so I dragged myself to the vending machine I had seen near the elevator the night before and attempted to buy water. […]

After around 9 and half hours of night flight and hardly any sleep I finally made it to the Kansai International Airport. I would describe the immigration procedures as exaggerated; the air hostesses gave us two sheets of paper to fill in the plane, one for debarkation information and another one for customs. Once we […]

I wasn’t supposed to write anything before the journey starts but this was such a great ranting opportunity that I couldn’t let it pass. Last Saturday my brother and I decided to hit the closest IKEA to buy ourselves some bookshelves. Now the premise is bizarre to say the least because, first of all, we […]

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