"Get your little ass back to the penitentiary, motherfucker. You know what you did last time you was here."

“Les jours passent et la vie suit son cours La politique reste la même que tu vote contre ou pour” The message I want to convey by quoting Mc Solaar is that it’s not intellectually stimulating to write entries about standard schooldays and other things mundane. In order to avoid feeling guilty, though, here’s a […]

Easy like Sunday Morning I hadn’t planned to do anything on Sunday, but Visa was going to Kyoto with a few Japanese acquaintances and had asked Henrik and me along earlier during the week. I had originally agreed to go, but after staying awake until 3 am on Saturday, I had chosen the path of […]

Let’s lose weight and make friends! One of the most anticipated events at least on the organization’s side since the beginning of the semester had been the Sports Festival. It was close to being canceled at the last moment due to rain but fortunately the cumulonimbus clouds spared us for one day and only returned […]

Happiness Joy! Tuesday was a national holiday because of the autumnal equinox. That is the premise. The consequence is that we decided to go clubbing in Kyoto. In fact, it had already been decided two weeks earlier at Travis’ birthday party so I had no possibility but to comply. The interesting thing about going clubbing […]

Setting the stage After an eventful Saturday, Sunday was very different, yet very interesting. The Kansai Gaidai organized an Open Campus Day, during which high school students from the area could come to the university to learn more about university studies and studying abroad. This was done through presentations as well as direct communication with […]

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